Sales Skills Training

The most important thing we need to understand during the sale process, is what motivates people to buy and the basis of their decision making.

 Salespeople must understand what the prospective client is subconsciously feeling in order to identify and overcome the obstacles that may prevent them from completing a successful sale. These obstacles are usually concerns derived from “Customer Fears” which prevail in al buying situations but vary in importance from one individual to the next.

Sales is not customer service, often people confuse being nice to customers and customer service with being an effective salesperson. Customer service is only one aspect of it, it’s not Sales though. Furthermore, a salesperson’s role differs greatly from the role of an assistant and people often confuse these two as well.

Sales is Psychology. To be effective and successful in the role of a salesperson, you need to have an intimate understanding of the psychology behind sales.

Almost everything we do in Sales is about putting your client/customer at ease and overcoming any fears they may have, to give yourself the best opportunity to positively interact with the client/customer and achieve a successful sale

In this sales training program, you will also learn the importance of

The way you dress and present yourself
The way you speak to the customer
Your body language whilst interacting with the customer
Your attitude towards the customers
The overall presentation of your facility/premises
The marketing and the ambience.

Everything we cover in this training is aimed directly at creating a comfortable and inviting environment where the client/customer feels at ease and gains confidence and trust that will have them coming back in to your business time and time again.



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