The 8 steps to 8 figures program will take you on a practical and profound journey that will transform your ability to transition your business from 7 figures to 8 figures and beyond.

You will also learn to dramatically improve your personal position and manifest rapid results throughout your entire organisation.

Fundamental 8 steps to 8 figures program

1. The Vision

This is where we take a step back and create the vision for where you would like to see your business move towards

2. The Delivery

This is where we work on delivering the vision to your team and get them engaged

3. People

Here we will look at who you have on your team and who else you require and then we go out and hire the right people for those roles

4. Strategy

This is where we develop a clear strategy to implement the vision

5. Delegate

We then allocate the required KPI’s to the appropriate person on the team

6. Accountability

Make sure everyone stays accountable to deliver the results

7. Risks

Identify and mitigate any risks that may present themselves

8. Become the CEO

This is where you need to step away from the Chief “Everything” Officer and become the Chief “Executive” Officer

Once we set the foundation to each step, we will continue to delve deeper into creating a solid platform to allow you to take your business to new and exciting levels.


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