As a business mentor & coach, I share my wisdom and real-life experiences with you on an ongoing basis, and in a manner that will have a direct impact on the growth of your business as well as you personally.

Very few successful entrepreneurs make it big on their first business venture. In-fact most of them fail and statistics show that 95% actually give up.

The success of an entrepreneur comes from the burning desire to keep going. When you experience the challenges and obstacles that come with being an entrepreneur, the success comes when you embrace those challenges and continue to move forward, growing and evolving from the lessons learned. When you give up is when you’ve failed.

Having the right business coach to support and guide you through the journey, can reduce the pain of not knowing what you don’t know. When you work with me, I make sure that you have the support required to get you on track and work towards achieving the success that you truly deserve.

I’ve experienced and have had to overcome many obstacles in my 35+ years in business. I understand first-hand how lonely it can be, when you’re faced with the many challenges that come with running a business. It can get you down and you struggle to get excited about the future, because everything seems so blurred.

Well the good news is that you no longer have to do it alone.

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Coaching management teams is an essential part in developing great leaders in an organisation. I have over 35 years of experience that can help you develop better employees, managers, and leaders. I can develop training programs specifically designed around your organisations needs.

Each manager brings with them certain strengths and areas for improvement. After carefully analysing the skills individuals already possess, I focus on delivering the designed management coaching programs to enhance existing strengths and address areas in need of improvement.

Coaching management teams builds strong interpersonal skills in those individuals who receive this type of support, helping to create greater collaboration, encourage the empowerment of others, and obtain greater performance results while being less controlling as a leader.

With the right skill set, individuals can confidently lead the rest of the organisation to new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Here are four main areas that I focus on when coaching a team.

  • Strategic Thinking – Good managers and employees don’t just react to a given situation but think ahead and anticipate different outcomes or situations. With Strategic Thinking participants will learn to think at a deeper level about situations and opportunities they encounter and adapt to them appropriately.
  • Coaching Skills – Coaching Skills instructs individuals how to coach others effectively, empowering them to create a stronger sense of responsibility and the desire to initiate action on their own.
  • Leadership Development – Participants involved in the Leadership Develop programs will look at their own leadership styles while exploring various examples of highly effective leaders and learn how to apply those skills to real-world leadership situations.
  • New Manager Training – Provides a dynamic personal experience to help new or up and coming managers to recognise, understand, and develop critical skills.

Managers who receive leadership training are more likely to develop high performance teams who make significant differences in the long-term success of an organisation.

My experience and “know how” in coaching management teams will help you discover and develop strong organisational leadership skills.

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Business Coaching is a one on one focused regularly scheduled discussion, targeted towards helping you improve your performance and grow your business.

Business Coaching is also often referred to as Executive Coaching. The “work” and approach is primarily the same in both, but business coaching is geared to the business owner; whereas, executive coaching is geared to the executive level manager inside an organisation.

Business Coaching, works on developing your soft skills which is also often referred to as the “psychology of success”. Business coaching explores shifting your mindset and perspective on your business which then allows for powerful breakthroughs in the strategic direction of your company.

Business coaching meets many important unmet needs of a business owner. Some of those include; Strategy, Accountability, Action planning, Financial Acumen, Decision Making, Motivation & Productivity as well as having the support of someone who have been in your position where you can discuss and just bounce things around with.

You should understand that a good business coach is not someone who simply tells you what you should do. An effective business coach is someone who has been there and gone through the challenges and will serve as your guide, so together you are co-creating greater levels of success for you and your business.

If you have never hired a business coach and are looking to take your business to great heights, then let’s have a chat.