Free Trading Event Invite from my Trusted Friend & Colleague Andrew Baxter

I have known Andrew Baxter for years – in fact many year and today he is one of my trusted peers & friends.  We have shared stages together, been through tough times together and I am very proud to pass on an invite to some upcoming events he has in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth towards the end of February 2015.  Please see his unaltered email from him to me below and I wish you the best from Ralph Anania.

Imagine if 2015 delivered the same disappointment as 2014 for you and your finances?

Make sure you avoid the same trap that financially humiliates most people – feeding your brain and your investments the most dangerous drug on the planet “hopium” – hoping that this year will be different and before you know it, it’s another wasted year – how many more can you really afford?

Getting off on the right foot is the easy bit – keeping on track is much harder… Right?

Chances are the New Year got off to a great start.  The new diet, a couple of visits to the gym, perhaps a few property inspections and no more cigarettes. Yep “this year is gonna be different for sure!”

Yeah right!  

As the month has gone on stuff like going back to work, the end of the school holidays all the noise of last year, life itself and before you know it, the familiar grind of habit kicks back in before you can say “gee this year is flying by!”

So how about trying something different? After all “keep doing the same thing, keep getting the same thing” and before you know it, we will be talking about the goals for 2016!

We would like to share with you 2 critical things that will almost certainly help you get more out of 2015 than you expected.

One is our blue print for 2015 and what to expect from the stock market this year and second your game plan for getting the most from that – the two being woven together.

On the night, we will share with you:

• Our precise views on where the best opportunity is in today’s stock market (so that you can best position yourself for potential profit) and give you more potential for swiping the practically “guaranteed” money from the market.

• How to avoid the danger of the oil “power play”, helping you reduce your risks, while loading the trading game in your favour

• Why using our proprietary EasyTrade technology (helping you more easily trade and in just seconds) while giving you your precious time back, and eliminating your execution risk at the same time!

• Why you will never need to learn another trading platform again, as you enjoy outsourcing all the heavy lifting, while retaining all the outcome and control

• Even if you have ZERO interest in the stock market, how you can still enjoy the potential for extra income with our comprehensive advisory service, giving you  the baby, without the labour pains!

• Why we use risk management on every trade, helping you with the “sleep at night” factor, and giving you greater peace of mind.

• Exactly how you can be generating an immediate and up-front income on your investments, particularly your retirement plans, so that you have the chance of a better quality retirement

• Plus much, much more

This is the exact game plan the pros use and what’s more, you can piggyback directly on the back of this saving you a lot of time, heartache and efforts while enjoying all the benefits

I don’t know about you, but piggy backing on a seasoned professional team of traders rather than trying to go it alone would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it?

Registration is dead simple – click here for the event near you! Click the following links as well:

– Brisbane 23rd February 2015

– Sydney 24th February 2015

– Melbourne 25th February 2015

– Perth 26th February 2015

What’s more there is no cost to attend, meaning you get all this information on the night totally without  charge, so you can see for yourself, first hand and without spending a cent

The reason why no charge – and our affiliates said we were nuts to be giving all this away, without a fee – is that our mission, our big goal and objective – is to help everyday Aussies have the lifestyle they choose – the one they deserve.

So why not let us help you stay on track for achieving your financial goals this year, after all going it alone is a long tough and lonely road?

Let’s be honest, trying to go it alone sounds good, being “self made” and the “all conquering hero”. Bragging rights down at the bar or over the coffee machine.  However, in reality you probably already know that it’s not that easy – you may have even tried before – so let’s help you create a new ending to an old story.  Making the most from 2015 and turning it into a financial success rather than a nightmare.

Register now! Click here for the event near you and also:

– Brisbane 23rd February 2015

– Sydney 24th February 2015

– Melbourne 25th February 2015

– Perth 26th February 2015

Here is my big promise to you

We hear it often said that 90% of success starts with turning up!  And I guarantee you this, I will be there on the night and I will give you 100% of my time, energy and knowledge.

Make sure you turn up and you will be well on the way to having your own game plan for financial success in 2015 and what’s more we can then help you stay on track and kick your financial goals.

Register now and I look forward to seeing you there!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Baxter
AIE | Director
Ph: 1300 304 500

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